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Broker Services specializes in solving problems and providing turnkey solutions for our clients in the remotest locations in Africa.

Our services

Workforce Transportation

One of their major focuses is on transportation of the workforce from either a camp or their homes to the work area. A range of vehicles are used to accomplish this, all of which meet the strict safety requirement, stipulated by many of the large global corporations that have moved into Mocambique.

Sewerage Treatment Plants

Broker Services in conjunction with Clear Edge Projects can provide affordable sewerage treatment solutions which can be offered either as a rental option or outright purchase

Water Treatment Solutions

We provide both portable (containerized) and fixed (concrete) systems and have installations scattered over the whole of Africa.

About Us

Broker Services was formed in 2012 to provide an entrance into the Mozambique market for South African companies wishing to do business but lacking the knowledge, infrastructure and qualified, Portuguese speaking representatives. The directors of Mozambique, namely Arlindo Mapande and Neil Mcilroy have many years’ experience dealing with the intricacies of the Mozambican market place. This enables them to position and promote products and services (mostly within the construction industry) with greater speed and success than someone entering this market for the first time.

Agreements are normally entered into whereby Broker Services facilitate the infrastructure requirements, provide the marketing and administration and their partners providing the products and knowledge of their industry. Broker Services prefers to partner with companies that provide services and products to the construction sector, especially Greenfield projects.

To date, Broker Services has agreements in place with companies operating in the transport, water and sewerage treatment and fencing sectors and is always looking for new partners.

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