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Broker Services specializes in being able to establish operations quickly and effectively in the remotest of locations within Mocambique


Clearedge’s head office is based in East London, South Africa and has been providing water and sewerage treatment plants to the African market for decades. They provide both portable (containerized) and fixed (concrete) systems and have installations scattered over the whole of Africa. We have an agreement to supply and install their systems and already have installations at companies like Anadarko and Sasol, which affirms the high regard for this well respected product.

We also provide complete maintenance plans for most types of installations as we realized that the technical’ know how’ available in Mozambique was fairly limited. We have employed probably the most experienced and knowledgeable Mozambican in this field to ensure that we provide a level of service that is second to none. We also have the experience of around 30 years in the industry to call on from the owners of Clearedge, Mr Mat Carlisle and Dave Russell.

Germano Global Coach Lda (G G Coach) is an established Mozambican company based in Matola, Maputo. It was established in 2004 by Arlindo Mapande and presently has a fleet of more than 100 vehicles of which the majority are busses. Broker Services has an agreement with G G Coach to represent them in Northern Mozambique. The main focus is Palma and Pemba to facilitate the growing oil and gas industry. We are in the process of developing a depot in Palma from where we will offer mini busses and busses to provide services such as airport shuttles, personnel transportation from home to work, four by four rentals ( with and without drivers) and transport to and from functions ie: parties, church gatherings, conferences etc.

We are also able to offer a complete Greenfields solution, anywhere in Mozambique, when required.

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